Cafe DESIRE I DRINK SUCCESS Coffee Machine 4 Lane | Fully Automatic Tea & Coffee Vending Machine | For Offices, Shops and Smart Homes | Make 4 Varieties of Coffee Tea with Premix | No Milk Required

209.000 BD

Product Dimensions47D x 32W x 64H Centimeters
Special FeatureAuto Clean Function, Smart
Coffee Maker TypeEspresso Machine
Filter TypeReusable
Stylecoffee machine
Specific Uses For Product automatic tea coffee machine, coffee tea at a press of a button,4 options for four hot beverages,tea,hot chocolate,soups
Exterior FinishMatte

About this item

  • Fully automatic vending machine: Make your hot cup of tea or coffee in seconds. This coffee tea vending machine dispenses your cuppa on just press of button. You don’t need milk, sugar, tea/coffee powder. All you need is instant coffee/tea premix, a 3-in-1 product consisting sugar, milk powder and tea/coffee powder. Just cut this coffee/tea premix packet and load the powder inside the vending machine and press the button, your tea or coffee will be dispensed instantly.
  • How to make coffee and tea: This hybrid model of vending machine which can make 4 types of hot beverages at the same time. There are 4 canisters inside the machine. You need to fill the premix powder inside 4 provided canisters. You can fill 4 varieties of premix powders by choosing any 4 premixes from the range available. These premix powders comes in standard size of 1 kg pack and you can fill 1kg premix powder in each canister. 1kg of premix will yield 80 cups
  • Delight your staff and customers: You can use this Vending Machine in Offices, Restaurants, Schools, Colleges, Coffee Shops, Grocery Stores, Factories and hospitals for making coffee and tea instantly. This coffee and tea will taste just as home-made. Your staff and customers will thank you for providing lip smacking piping hot coffee and tea.
  • Avoid wastage and pilferage: if you are making coffee and tea manually, it is proved worldwide, pilferage & wastage is about 15% in every pantry, it is really tough to keep track of loose milk, stove gas, office boy timings. This coffee maker is having digital meter reading inside the machine by which you can track the consumption and co-relate with your premix powder purchase. Buy this coffee machine for your shop, restaurant or office and have full control on account of sales and consumption
  • Buy with peace of mind, we will ensure you will be happy and satisfied with this 4 Lane vending machine. After you receive the vending machine just call us on the phone number provided on the packing box of the vending machine and we will do the rest. It will take not more than 5 – 10 minutes to install this user-friendly machine.
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Technical Details

What is in the box?

  • Key set, power cord,4 canisters to load coffee, tea powder, coffee premix 500g, tea premix 500g, drip tray

From the manufacturer

Cafe Desire
Coffee machines


These automatic tea coffee vending machines by Café Desire are very good, convenient and ideal for places like small, medium, large offices, educational institutes, industrial canteens, hospitals, software companies, hotels, restaurants, malls, cinema theaters and many other places.

No need of milk, sugar, tea or coffee powder- just load our instant coffee premix or instant tea premix in our vending machine and press a button – PRESTO- your great tasting coffee and tea is ready to drink. These best in class vending machines for coffee and tea are user friendly, you don’t need an exclusive operator to run this machine.

Delight your employees and guests by serving them wide range of hot beverages like Cappuccino, Coffee, Cardamom Tea, Lemon Tea, Chocolate Drink, Tomato Soup, Plain Tea, Green Tea, Ginger Tea, Diet Coffee, Diet Tea, Low Sugar Coffee and Low Sugar Tea.

Product Highlights

  • No Sugar / Milk / Tea or Coffee Powder Required
  • Get Tea / Coffee on just press of a button
  • Track the consumption
  • Dispenses 4 Cups per minute
  • Hot Water Option
  • Service Support

Usage of the Tea/Coffee Vending Machine

suitable for offices

suitable for hospitals

suitable for commercial uses

cafe desire

cafe desire

cafe desire

coffee machine

Robust Door and mechanism for long life

Consistency in taste. From first cup to last cup.

Digital Meter inside will track the consumption of cups

Keep Control on your Tea/Coffee Expenditure. Our Vending Machine will have a Meter Reading inside, by which you can keep a count of number of cups being consumed on daily basis. And the same can be tallied with the purchase of your Tea/Coffee premixes.

Make Your Coffee/Tea instantly.

On just press of a button. You don’t need Milk, Sugar, Coffee/Tea Powder. Just use Cafe Desire Instant Premix

coffee vending machine

coffee vending machine

cofee vending machine

cofee vending machine

Wide range of beverages

We have wide range of beverages. Coffee Premix, Tea Premix, Lemon Tea Ginger Tea, Cappuccino,

Kadak Masala Chai, Plain Tea, Choco Feast, White Malt, Diet Coffee, Diet Tea, Low-sugar Coffee,

Low-sugar Tea, etc.

Dispenses 4 Cups per minute

Machine Dimensions

  • Length : t13 Inches
  • Width : 14 Inches
  • Height : 26 Inches
  • Weight : 15 Kg


Low Power Consumption

Machine consumes 1.5 to 2 units for 12 hours.

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