Cyber Clean Stylus-Pro Cleaning Solution 3.4ml

Original price was: 7.000 BD.Current price is: 4.900 BD.

Gently removes dust, fingerprints, oily residues, stubborn stains, and splashes from smartphones and tablets.

– Refillable cleaning and writing utensils for touchscreens. Clean your smartphones and tablets and use them as a handy stylus pen.

– Lockable to avoid unintended spraying during transportation. Comes with a functional clip for attaching to the tablet’s cover.

– Rotate the Stylus-Pro and use the (hydrophilic) fabric on the back to wipe the screen until it is completely dry!

– Cyber Clean Solutions are suitable for cleaning all kinds of screens, whether at home, in the office, in the car, or on the move.

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