Twisted Minds GDTS-4F RGB Gaming Desk – Black/Red

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Perhaps one of the most critical paths to true PC-gamer ascension is gobs of stylish LED lights. Keyboards, mice, mousepads, and even sticks of RAM have flashy, hypnotic LED lighting in them. Groovy RGB lighting will makes sense after having Twisted Minds GDTS-4F Gaming Desk. Like your gaming PC, gaming mouse, or just about any PC peripheral these days, the Twisted Minds GDTS-4F features 5 spots of RGB Lighting that you can assign to glow in a rippling stream of colors or just light up with a single hue. And you can control your lighting with remote control.

Besides glowing with all the colors of the rainbow, the Twisted Minds GDTS-4F Gaming Desk has a built-in Integrated USB hub, cable hanger, cable clip, cable-tray, headset hanger which all can be fairly handy.

The desktop has also been treated with a carbon fabric-like texture, which allows the whole surface of the desk to act like a mousepad. It also has high-quality ABS, no strange smell, firm and safe material with good impact resistance.

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Model: GDTS-4F

Brand: Twisted Minds

Weight: 29.5 KG

Size: 150*70

Height Adjustable: 71cm~83cm

Color: Black/Blue

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    Dear Sir. There is definitely problem in assembling and Table have extra screws for future assembling

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