Thrustmaster TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition (PC)

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  • Ergonomic 1:1 scale replicas: sidestick and throttle quadrant inspired by the flight controls found on iconic Airbus airliners, officially licensed by Airbus
  • Joystick featuring 4 swappable head button modules, 12 Remappable buttons, built-in throttle, plus rudder control by rotating the handle (lockable/unlockable)
  • Throttle quadrant featuring 2 navigational axes, with 16 buttons and controls (detents, switches and even a thrust reverser mechanism) for a multitude of possibilities during takeoff, in flight, upon landing and when on the ground
  • Contactless magnetic sensor technology, with no potentiometers, for an unlimited life span and optimal precision
  • Compatible with the Thrustmaster T.Flight Rudder Pedals (TFRP) and Thrustmaster Pendular Rudder (TPR) rudder systems, as well as with the TM Flying Clamp (all sold separately)


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  • Instructions manual & flightstick

Product Description

Airbus replica flight stick and quadrant.

From the manufacturer

TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition

TCA Officers Pack Airbus Edition

The TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition includes the TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition and the TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition, for a complete civil aviation experience

airbus captains pack

TCA comparison chart


TCA Captains Pack


TCA Officers Pack


TCA Quadrant

Quadrant add on

TCA Quadrant Add On

TCA Sidestick

TCA Sidestick

HEART Magnetic Technology
Modular joystick
Thrust reversers
Landing gear
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