Type-C to Magsafe 1/2/3 PD100W Magnetic Quick Charge Charger Cord USB-C with LED Indicators for MacBook Air/Pro Apple Laptop

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Type-C Male Magnetic Charger Cable PD100W to Gen 1/2 Adapter Magnetic Plug LED Indicators USB C High Power for MacBook Air/Pro Apple Laptop
1. Compatible for MacBook Air/Pro: This Magsafe 1 cable is specifically designed for be backward compatible with older MacBook Air/Pro laptops that have the Magsafe 1 interface, including models through 2012. The Magsafe 2 cable is compatible with older MacBook Air/Pro laptops with the Magsafe 2 interface, including models from 2012 Make sure your MacBook model is compatible with this USB-C to Magsafe cable.
2. USB-C PD Charger Compatibility:Support for up to 100W of power makes this cable compatible with USB-C PD chargers. It adheres to the PD3.0 fast charging standard, surpassing the 85W power limit and ensuring efficient charging. Built-in LED indicator light turns orange when charging and green when fully charged, providing convenient visual feedback. This charger cable can be used with wall chargers, car chargers and PD chargers with power levels of 45W/65W/80W.
3. Strong magnetic connection:Magnetic connection provides a convenient way to charge. The magnetic design allows for automatic clamping when zoomed in, and the gold-plated spring contacts work in both orientations, ensuring sensitive detection. Connect it easily and securely, preventing accidental disconnection. Connecting and disconnecting is simple and hassle-free.
4. Enough Length and Durable Design: With a cable length of 1.8 meters, this cable offers greater flexibility and convenience. High quality thick copper wires provide excellent conductivity. Its durable and anti-break TPE body is made of eco-friendly materials, offering good resistance to bending and stretching.
5. Versatile and Reliable:This cable not only charges but also supports data transfer at high speeds. It allows you to sync files, photos and videos between and other devices effortlessly. Reliable, sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it an ideal choice for everyday use.

Certification: CE
Origin: Mainland China
Materials: PVC + aluminum
Color: white
Model: Gen 1 L head, Gen 2 T head (optional)
Voltage: 18.5-20.5V
Current: 5A
Power: 100W
Applicable: Charging for MacBook Air/ Pro for Magsafe 1/2 interface
Line length: 1.8m
Weight: 36g
Type Gen 1 L:
1. The 45W PD power supply only supports the 13 inch for MacBook Air model released in 2008-2011 and the 11 inch for MacBook Air model released in 2010-2011;
2. 60W PD power supply support: the 13-inch model for MacBook Pro released in 2010-2012 and backward compatibility with the 11-13-inch model for MacBook Air released in 2010-2011;
3. PD power supply of more than 85W is connected to the bracket: 15-17 inches for MacBook Pro models introduced from 2010 to 2012 are compatible with low-power models;
Type Gen 2 T:
1.45W PD power supply only supports MacBook Air models released from 2012 to 2017;
2. 60W PD power supply support: 13 inches for MacBook Pro model released in 2012-2015, backward compatibility for MacBook Air model released in 2012-2017
3. Support to connect PD power sources above 85W: 15 -17 inches for MacBook Pro models released from 2012 to 2015; Backward compatibility with other low-power models
If intermittent charging is encountered during use, please clean the computer’s charging port (due to magnetism, iron filings or dirt may be inhaled) and verify that the power supply used corresponds to the power rating on the bottom of the computer.

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Magnetic Fast Charge Charger with LED Indicators, USB-C for Magsafe 1, 2, 3, PD100W, USB-C, LED Indicators, MacBook Air, Pro, Apple Laptop

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